Because good health is what everyone desires. Amataya Wellness, a kingdom of health healing and rehabilitation, comes with comprehensive health care services, which consists of Amataya Rehabilitation Hospital, Amataya Holistic Medical Treatment, and Amataya Residence, all with the wonders of an underground wealth which created natural salt hot springs. It has been said for hundreds of years that these salt hot springs are the only in the world with a unique mineral profile, while also offering the perfect temperature. From belief to proven results, Amataya Wellness is ready for you to experience superior care in rehabilitation for various diseases and restoring the balance in your body to help strengthen immunity and reduce the risk of long-term diseases. All of this will allow you to find the right way to take care of your health in your own way and will make you believe that miracles can happen at Amataya Wellness.


Creating a center for rehabilitation by applying the science of both Eastern and Western medicine to design, create and balance the body together with the use of salt hot springs, as well as establishing a residential community for people who love health and in response, becoming a leading center of health.


We aim to establish a health and wellness community that combines essential healing benefits derived from Klongtom Salt Hot Spring, backed by the most peaceful and relaxing natural atmosphere to create balance in life and well-being for health lovers.

Administrators and Medical Consultants

Dr. Noppadol Nopkhun

Dr. Jiroj Sinthawanon

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kamphon Sriwatthanakul

Dr. Somchai Jearnayasilsin

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